Monday, 29 July 2013

Old wheels at rest

Old wheels at rest
48.5 cm X 68.5 cm
Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico

The humble wheel, one of the greatest inventions of mankind, was conceived as a solution to the problem of transportation--of goods, of people etc. But like any other machine, it has its limitations, its restrictions. As humans grow old, their strength, their physical prowess decreases and they aren't as capable, as agile as they used to be.
Something similar happens in case of the humble wheel as well; when freshly out of the factory, its fast, smooth, without any friction and issues, but as it gets older, niggles develop, it isn't as capable as it used to be, and people, who used to depend on it for the life / livelihood, now look for other options and desert it, simply because its no longer useful to them. Cycle here, is a metaphor for an old, ageing man- both neglected, both rejected by the very society they work for, spend their time and energy for.