Friday, 15 February 2013


I am very happy to share that a very generous feature article on me and my works is published in the February 2013 'DECOR' magazine (Norway).

This issue carries a four pages article on my works: The text of first 3 pages is in Norwegian and the last page in English (a shorter resume).

Thanks to the editor and writer for such a beautiful presentation and terrific article.

Please note:
Reference image for 'The Bonda tribeswoman', 'The Gadaba tribeswoman' by- Ingetje Tadros
Reference image for 'Devotee', 'Devotee 2' by- Hans Hendriksen

Friday, 1 February 2013

Fantastic Four

I have started my new painting with the four fantastic brushes by Escoda, and I must say they are awesome. What more an artist wants when he/she has got such beautiful brushes (along with the best quality paper and paints) !

The Reserva's performance is undoubtedly the best. Reserva series has got a beautiful tip, extraordinary capacity to hold paint/water, and the Kolinsky sable hairs have got an awesome natural spring. It is a perfect choice for my style, due to its springiness and extraordinary capacity to retain liquids. Size 6 is very good for painting smaller areas, working in details and Size 2 is helpful for minute details. Simply, its better than the best !
Squirrel mop's performance is almost equivalent to the Reserva ones, although the effect you use it for is quite different. Its water/paint holding capacity is too good, and hairs offer great softness. Squirrel hair is softer and less springy than Kolinsky. I am surprised to see that even such a large size brush (Size 18) points perfectly. Size 18 is very good for painting larger areas, especially backgrounds, and softening hard edges.
The Barroco series (Size 10) has an extra-ordinary point, nice spring and the same brush can offer variable and desired brushstrokes by varying angle and pressure.

So for Escoda brushes, thumbs up !