Friday, 15 February 2013


I am very happy to share that a very generous feature article on me and my works is published in the February 2013 'DECOR' magazine (Norway).

This issue carries a four pages article on my works: The text of first 3 pages is in Norwegian and the last page in English (a shorter resume).

Thanks to the editor and writer for such a beautiful presentation and terrific article.

Please note:
Reference image for 'The Bonda tribeswoman', 'The Gadaba tribeswoman' by- Ingetje Tadros
Reference image for 'Devotee', 'Devotee 2' by- Hans Hendriksen


  1. Dear Chinmaya Panda

    It is really a great effort and very appreciable thing that your article published in a norway magazine. You have a great talent and due to this reason norwegian magazine recognised your efforts. Chinamaya brother please keep up to continue your good work.

    Chinamaya brother these are some of the messages which i shared in my Heritage of India blog.

    Chinmaya is it possible to you to send me any orissa old and vintage photos and post cards or palm leaf or pata chitra paintings as well as tribal paintings of orissa for my collection purpose and for sharing them in my heritage of india blog.

    You are younger than me and hence i called you as a brother and treat you with your name.

    Chinama i request you please explore my blog and share your valuable comments.

    Chinamaya i hope you are encouraging me by sending me some of orissa heritage related material which is useful for my research on indian heritage and culture.

    1. Hi Srinivasu
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I am sorry to say that I'm no help to you as I don't have any kinda photos or postcards you are looking for. Also, I don't deal with such paintings. Yes, you can call me by name. I'll have a look at your blog soon.

    2. Hello Mr.Srinivasu,
      While searching for watercolor paintings got to know about chinmaya panda and very very impressed by his realistic paintings...Feel so proud of you Mr Chinmaya.
      I am also an artist from odisha.i stays in Hyderabad.i am an traditional artist make can find me on Facebook as bharati page is talking colours bharati....Please let me know if I can send my paintings